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Developments and trends in the colour market and at RAL COLOURS - Talk with Markus Frentrop

What's going on in the colour market? Do special circumstances like the Corona pandemic have an impact on developments of trends and markets?

We had a talk with Markus Frentrop, Global Head of RAL COLOURS. He also gives some insights in developments at RAL COLOURS. What's new in the matter of products and trends?

There are answers to these and other questions in the video.

Colour trends - web interview with Prof. Timo Rieke from University of Applied Sciences and Arts

What impact do colorus have on humans? And what role do colour trends play in this?

We' talked to Prof. Timo Rieke from the Faculty of Design at the HAWK Fakultät Gestaltung (University of Applied Sciences and Arts) Hildesheim, who is also part of the Institute International Trendscounting (IIT) at the HAWK, about the effect of colours on the human organism. We also asked how colour trends develop during and after the Corona crisis of 2020 and what impact these developments have on the future.

How is a new RAL CLASSIC colour actually developed? Interview on the new RAL 9012 - Cleanroom White

How does a new RAL CLASSIC colour come into being?

Using the example of RAL 9012 - Cleanroom White we talked to one of the developers of this colour how the colour was created.

RAL CLASSIC is a historically grown collection, which has emerged mainly from the demands of the industry. Cleanroom White has also emerged from the demands of the industry. As the new standard shade for the clean room industry, RAL 9012 meets the perfect conditions for use in clean rooms.

In the video, Mrs. Cordula Bahm explains the development of the new RAL shade and what makes it so special.


The 150-piece Starter Kit introduces the world of the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus and is the perfect design tool for getting started with colour design. The specifically compiled selection of 10 colour levels and a gray series is supplemented by frequently used wood tone values and a selection of RAL Classic tones. The kit offers a coordinated selection of important colours for professional room and product design. It can easily be supplemented with additional colour sheets from the RAL colour palettes.

Two students from the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts describe their experiences in using the RAL Starter Kit in everyday life.


The RAL STARTER KIT is the perfect design tool for the start into colour design.

Due to a presorted selection from all colour ranges of the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus and RAL CLASSIC, the STARTER KIT forms a perfect tool for students, architects and designers.

Prof. Dipl.-Des. Timo Rieke from the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts explains how the colour tool works, what possibilities it offers and how it was developed.

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