RAL K4 Ringordner
RAL K4 Ring binder

RAL K4 Ring binder with RAL CLASSIC colours in large format

Simplify colour selection with the RAL K4 Ring binder

The RAL K4 Ring binder gives you confidence when specifying colour schemes. It greatly simplifies colour selection by presenting each colour as a large format, full surface sample. Furthermore, the Ring binder acts as a valuable aid to colour code planning and the creation of collages.

216 colours to simulate different applications

Exploit the full breadth of colours in a unique collection that has evolved over the years to encompass the most important industry colours. Experience the remarkable brilliance with which the solid colours and the most important metallic, safety and signal colours have been rendered. The semi-matt surface finish of the coloured pages provides a practical template with which to simulate applications on a wide range of surfaces and in combination with many different materials.

Creative design with the full colour pages from the RAL K4 Ring binder

Feel free to cut up the individual coloured pages to aid your creative process or insert them whole into your design plan! Each of the RAL CLASSIC colours contained in the RAL K4 Ring binder is also available to order as a practical individual page. This ensures you can enjoy full creative freedom while keeping your colour palette up to date.

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