RAL E1 Farbregisterkarte
RAL E1 Colour primary standard card

RAL E1 Colour primary standard cards: Standards for RAL EFFECT

RAL EFFECT E1 colour primary standard cards with generously sized colour panel

At the heart of the RAL EFFECT collection are the 70 metallic colours. They help you create beautiful surfaces whose appearance shimmers and changes with the light. Each metallic colour is accompanied by 6 solid colours that, together, form a harmonious colour family. Thanks to the attractive, generously sized colour panel and technical data listing CIELab values, XYZ values and the reflectance curve for each colour, each colour card is a universal creative tool that supports you in your everyday work. Listing the technical parameters allows you to recreate each colour efficiently and easily. The solid colours are based on waterborne paint systems – for ecological paint production and applications, while the metallic colours are based on acrylic paint systems.

Colour primary standard cards provide a practical tool for creative tasks

Thanks to their varied applications – in the studio, with clients or on site – RAL E1 Colour primary standard cards offer immediate, hands-on added value for your design activities. Let yourself be inspired when creating collages or matching colours. Each RAL EFFECT E1 Colour primary standard card can be reordered at any time, so don’t hesitate to cut them to size or use them whole in colour collages.

Note: All 490 RAL EFFECT colours are also available as a complete set in the practical and hardwearing RAL EFFECT E1 box.

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