RAL F9 Farbregisterkarte zu den Bundeswehr Tarnfarben. Auf dem Bild liegt mittig, schräg, zugefaltet die Farbregisterkarte zur Farbe "Tarngrau". Im Hintergrund sind weitere Tarnfarben und Tarnmuster zu sehen. In der unteren linken Ecke liegt ein Ast mit Tannenzapfen. | RAL FARBEN

RAL F9 Colour primary standard card for the Bundeswehr camouflage colours. In the picture, the colour sample for the colour "camouflage grey" is folded in the middle, diagonally. More camouflage colours and patterns can be seen in the background. In the lower left corner there is a branch with pine cones. | RAL COLOURS
RAL F9 Colour
primary standard card

RAL F9 Colour primary standard card with a dull-matt surface

Large-scale presentation of the Federal Armed Forces camouflage colours with RAL F9

The nine cards in an A5 format illustrate the relevant shade as a visual image in A6 size and provide a precise template for the reformulation of the desired coatings and paints via the details on the original sample spacing and the relevant XYZ values. In addition to the visual presentation as a coating sample, the cards provide precise details on the gloss levels in various measuring angles and this enables you to reproduce the shades exactly.

RAL F9 Colour primary standard card as an original coating sample

Every RAL F9 Colour primary standard card is produced using a complex production process as an original coating sample and undergoes a careful, multi-stage approval process. This enables us to ensure that you can trust the precision of the shades created for many years.

Your tool for camouflage colour requirements

The RAL F9 Colour primary standard card is the practical, indispensable tool for camouflage colour reproductions or for quality control. Use the large visual display of the relevant shade and the practical technical details for your desired application and see the high quality of RAL F9 camouflage colours for yourself.

Of course, every colour primary standard card is available individually and can be re-ordered very easily from RAL.

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