RAL P2 Kunststofffarbmuster
RAL P2 Plastic colour sample

RAL P2: 200 RAL CLASSIC colours as a plastic swatch

Discover nuances of colour on plastic materials with RAL P2

Whether the surface texture is glossy, matt or rough – the homogenously coloured plastic colour samples convey the subtlest, and for design purposes most important variations in colour nuances when viewed under light. The RAL P2 plastic colour samples provide an excellent point of reference and are an indispensable supplement to paint colour fans in aiding your design process. They are easy to use and remove the need for the time-consuming and expensive transformation of RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours from paint samples to plastic materials.

RAL P2 gives you 200 options for perfect colour design

For each of the 39 colour hues that make up the colour system, four opaque colours and one transparent shade have been selected. They are organised in a visually logical order and come supplemented by the greyscale. Each RAL P2 plastic colour sample is divided into three zones of varying thickness, opening up a new dimension for product and plastic applications.

Discover the unmissable added value that RAL P2 offers for professional colour selection of coloured plastic materials! And if you cannot decide on a certain colour, all 200 plastic colour samples are also available as a complete set RAL P2.

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