RAL D6 Einzelbogen liegen verteilt auf einem hellen Holztisch. Zu sehen sind Farbmuster vor allem in Rosa-Tönen. | RAL FARBEN

RAL D6 Single sheets lie spread out on a light wooden table. The Colour samples can be seen primarily in pink tones. | RAL COLOURS
RAL D6 Single sheet A6

RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus A6 single sheets

1825 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours for modern colour schemes

Select your preferred colour samples from the extensive range of 1.825 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours! The practical single sheets are an excellent add-on for your work with the RAL D2 Colour fan or the RAL D3 Colour toolbook. When it comes to the conception and creation of collections, mood boards and sketches as well as the development of colour collages, these products in combination offer you an unbeatable tool for modern and sophisticated design.

A6 single sheets – an aid to colour decision-making

A6 colour swatches ensure architects, designers and industrial customers can have confidence in their colour decisions and take pleasure in the colour selection process. They offer practical support in the development of every creative project while making a persuasive case for your colour designs. Let the huge choice of colours inspire your successful design process!

Reorder A6 single sheets at any time

Use the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colour swatches as an integral part of your creative design processes, either whole or by cutting off pieces for your collages and designs. You can reorder the relevant A6 single sheets as and when required! If you want to keep a ready supply of all 1825 single sheets from the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus collection, you will find these in our RAL D6 Design box.

I often use the D6 single sheets in the RAL Design System plus for my mood boards and material collages. Usually, I also review the overall perception of a colour collection with the D6 single sheets.

Alina Schartner, Design Consultant + Trend Forecaster, Vienna

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