RAL D3 Colour Toolbook
RAL D3 Colour toolbook

RAL D3 Colour toolbook for creative colour design

Discover the extensive palette of RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours

On 40 inspirational, large-format pages, on which the colours are ordered according to lightness and saturation, you will find an overview of the 1,825 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours. As you view the extensive range of colours within a single hue on the finely graduated colour family pages, the full spectrum of nuance in colour and application contained within the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM is demonstrated with impressive clarity.

Bring the 3D colour space to life with the colour chips in the RAL D3 Colour toolbook

Each colour is depicted on three removable, diamond-shaped 3.0 x 4.0 cm colour chips, thereby ensuring the highest degree of flexibility for your design projects. This easy-to-use format allows you and your customers to experience the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus 3D colour space for creative and practical design projects.

Professional support for your colour matching activities

In the conception and creation of colour palettes, colour collections and mood boards, the ability to compare colours is always required. Sometimes it is needed within the same colour family and sometimes on a broader scale. The RAL D3 Colour toolbook is your perfect companion, offering the highest degree of professional support for your colour design work.

The RAL D3 Colour Toolbook is particularly suitable for professional colour design: the removable colour sample cards can be taken away from their surrounding colours on the fan, making it easier to test colour combinations in the design process.

Julia Hausmann, Architect COLOUR ARCHITECTURE Julia Hausmann, Cologne

Julia Hausmann
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