Ein paar  RAL D3 Farbchips wurden auf ein Bild gelegt, das auf einem hellen Holztisch liegt und gelbe Blumen vor einem brauen Hintergrund zeigt. Zwei Farbchips liegen mit der Rückseite nach oben, sodass die Beschriftung lesbar ist. Oben links liegen mehrere grüne Farbchips und oben rechts liegen weitere helle Farbchips sowie zusätzlich Materialmuster. | RAL FARBEN

A few RAL D3 colour chips have been placed on a picture lying on a light wooden table showing yellow flowers against a brown background. Two colour chips lie with their backs facing up so that the labeling is legible. At the top left there are several green colour chips and at the top right there are further light colour chips as well as additional material samples. | RAL COLOURS
RAL D3 Single colour chips

RAL D3 Single colour chips for creative design projects

Experience the nuanced variety of the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus

Choose your preferred set of individual colour chips from our 1,825 finely graduated RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours and experiment with different colour combinations. The handy chips are an excellent addition to working with the RAL D2 Colour fan or the RAL D4 Colour atlas. In the field of conception and creation of collections, mood boards, drafts and the development of colour collages, these products form an unbeatable combination for modern and high-quality colour design.

Professional support for creative colour collages

For the conception and creation of colour series, collections or mood boards, the comparability of colour tones is always required. Sometimes within a colour family, but sometimes also in a broader perspective. With your targeted selection from 1,825 colour nuances, the RAL D3 single colour chips offer you a high grade of freedom to test colour effects in connection with other materials and surfaces. At the same time, the individual colour chips provide a high level of professional support for your individual colour design.

Make the 3D colour space tangible with RAL D3 single colour chips

Each colour is depicted on three removable, diamond-shaped 3.0 x 4.0 cm colour chips, thereby ensuring the highest degree of flexibility for your design projects. This easy-to-use format allows you and your customers to experience the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus 3D colour space for creative and practical design projects.

A few sets of individual colour chips are not enough for you and you would like to have the full range of all 1,825 colours of the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus at a glance? With our RAL D3 Colour toolbook this is no problem either. Feel free to contact us with your questions - we will take time for you!

I work a lot with the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus, as I need a comprehensive, reliable and well-arranged colour system for my work in colour research, theory and practice, which will also continually inspire me, my team and everyone else involved.

Prof. Dr. Axel Buether, Member of the Board of Deutsches Farbenzentrum & Farbforscher (German Colour Centre & Colour Researchers), BUW Wuppertal

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